Accelerate Your Omni-Channel Fulfillment & Distribution

Robust Omni-Channel Fulfillment and Distribution Optimized for and Integrated to your eCommerce, Retail, and other Sales Channels. From existing store replenishment and drop ship fulfillment to direct to consumer eCommerce fulfillment, we enable you to out-deliver the competition and delight customers. 


An Omnichannel, Integrated Supply Chain

Improving convenience for your customers doesn’t have to be an expensive, in-house endeavor. Leverage our proprietary logistics technology, warehousing, fulfillment, and transportation capabilities, to achieve a fully Omnichannel customer experience.






Only Stord Delivers the Omni-Channel Distribution Experience Needed to Delight Customers

Building and scaling a network that can service e-commerce, traditional retail, same-day delivery, and more is extremely challenging and capital intensive. Stord levels the playing field for midsize companies that have previously been overlooked for omnichannel solutions, enabling them to ship across B2B channels, physical stores, marketplaces, and D2C website sales. 

Now you can leverage a single logistics partner and a single integration to deliver on your Omni-Channel Strategy.

Your Company


B2B Channels

D2C Website

+ More

Connect with our team to learn even more channels where STORD can take your Omni-Channel strategy to new heights.

Whether your website or a marketplace sales channel, your customers deserve the same experience.

Accelerate your B2B sales with improved product placement near your customers for fast delivery.

Stord delivers to all major retailers and retail consolidation channels. Leverage our network for B2B and Retail Fulfillment.

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The Importance of an Omni Channel Supply Chain

Omni Channel Distribution has never been more important for your business—it is quickly saturating the world of retail and consumer packaged goods, and, as consumer expectations continue to rise, it is even spilling over the B2B and heavy/durable goods categories. Today, your customers have come to expect an Omni Channel experience and your brand's capability to delivery is is critical for customer satisfaction. 

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to implement an omni channel supply chain management strategy from scratch. Your supply chain must provide delivery across websites, mobile applications, brick and mortar stores, and more. 

Stord is a leading Omni Channel Distribution Network with both the logistics network and inventory + order management systems to support your delivery requirements. 

Building an Omni-Channel Network Through STORD vs. Independently 

With a business model built to serve you and modern cloud-based, integrated software powering the logistics services, you never have to worry about whether your supply chain is working as it should.



Optimizes enterprise-wide inventory

Reduces Omnichannel complexity


Logistics network to deliver 

nationwide to any customer.

Enables rapid speed to market

Shrinks Omni-Channel IT and enablement Costs

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An Omni-Channel Strategy Requires Inventory Where Your Customers Are

You have built a great Omni-Channel experience for your Customers, but you need a complete Customer experience through the entire Value Chain all the way to final fulfillment, including Last Mile Delivery.

  STORD provides a turnkey solution so that the moment an Order is received in your eCommerce, POS, Marketplace, Call Center or other, the Order is optimized to ensure the best Customer Experience and lowest cost Fulfillment using STORD’s ML/AI optimization models to route the Order to the optimal Fulfillment Center and deliver to the Customer’s door with a level of service that every Customer of yours deserves.  

Our nationwide network of 400+ facilities provides the warehousing and fulfillment services you need to meet customer demand and run an optimized supply chain.

Nationwide Warehouses & Fulfillment Centers

FTL, LTL, drayage, parcel, last-mile delivery -- Stord coordinates the freight services you need to stock your network and reach your customers.

Freight & Delivery Services

Stord’s system and team of data scientists analyzes your shipment, inventory and order data to recommend optimization opportunities so you can lower transportation costs, reduce stock-outs, and improve service levels for your customers.

Optimized Distributed Order Management & Orchestration




We extend your enterprise systems to your distributed supply chain through a robust, one-time integration to your shopping carts, POS system, ERP, OMS, and more.

Robust Integration to Your Systems


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World-Class Operations that Deliver.

On Time Delivery

Order Accuracy

Our world-class operations team and cloud-based visibility software ensure your product is taken care of as if it were are own, giving you visibility the entire way. 

Damage & Error Rate




Complete Warehousing, Transportation, and Parcel Services

STORD's nationwide footprint is built to serve any needs. From robust warehousing services to nationwide transportation and regional parcel contracts, you can leverage the STORD platform of services to build your ideal network.  For complex distribution needs, STORD's team of supply chain specialists and data scientists, will work to provide an optimized solution that fits your product, customer, and current network requirements.


B2B & B2C Fulfillment

Pick & Pack / Kitting

Retail Distribution

Bulk Storage

Shipment Consolidation

Forward Stocking

Value Add

Non-Palletized & Palletized Storage


Accelerate Your Omni-Channel Strategy

Speak with an expert to understand how Stord can accelerate your Omni-Channel Fulfillment and Distribution strategy. Our experts are here to take your customer experience to new heights.

The Stord team enabled us to implement a smart solution for our very complex supply chain. Their fast response time and agile approach was key. Without this option, we would have been forced to take on a long-term solution with unnecessary fixed costs.

David Limbird

Vice President, Supply Chain Strategy & Transformation

Accelerate Your Omni-Channel Shift


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