Current Availability:  3.8M square feet

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Dallas  Warehousing and Fulfillment

Current Availability:  3.8M  square feet

Multiple warehouses in Dallas and beyond to provide the capacity you need. Public, bonded, and contract warehousing and fulfillment with flexible pricing and no long-term commitments. Cover a wide range of product types with our food grade, organic, AIB, Medical, and more capabilities.


Stord is a Leading Warehouser in Dallas TX

STORD has been a leading warehousing company in Dallas, TX since 2015 and is a leading 3PL in the nation specializing in omni-channel distribution. Our modern logistics centers and powerful software serve as a hub to connect you with major shipping destinations and get your products closer to your customers. 

Located near two of the top 50 busiest airports in the US, one of them in the top 5, Dallas TX is one of the best cities for inventory placement in United States. Our facilities are located in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio and more. Dallas is a central hub due to close proximity to major ports, the port of Houston, Ports of Beaumont and Corpus Christi as well as Port of Brownsville. So much so that Dallas is ranked in the top 10 markets for intermodal transportation across the US. This close proximity paired with access to rail and air freight options provides a full logistics hub.

STORD fulfillment center pick and pack crew workers

Complete Warehousing and Freight Services

STORD's Dallas Texas facilities (and our nationwide facility network) provide many warehousing services and fulfillment services including: pick & pack, kitting, retail store preparation, bulk storage & consolidation, forward stocking, palletization, omnichannel fulfillment, and value-added services. For complex distribution needs, STORD's team of supply chain specialists and data scientists, will work to provide an optimized solution that fits your product, customer, and current network requirements.

Non-Palletized & Palletized Storage



Pick & Pack / Kitting

Retail Distribution

Forward Stocking

Bulk Storage

Shipment Consolidation


Value Add

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Dallas Texas Warehouse Facilities

Current Availability: 3.8Million square feet

Our Dallas and other facilities across Texas meet the following key specifications:

  • Rack & Floor Storage
  • Security Cages
  • CCTV Surveillance 
  • >50 Loading Docks (at most locations)
  • Rail-servicing (at several locations)
  • EFSR Sprinklers
  • LED Lighting
  • 100s of Trailer Parking Spots
  • Fully fenced and secure facilities

World-Class Operations that Deliver.




On Time Delivery

Order Accuracy

Damage & Error Rate

Our world-class operations team and cloud-based visibility software ensure your product is taken care of as if it were are own, giving you visibility the entire way. 

International Warehouse and Logistics Association

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Ensure that your food product storage requirements are met every step of the way with our food-grade facilities.


Avoid complex and expensive duty charges while warehousing in our Inland Empire bonded warehouse facilities.

And More

We have a variety of locations entailing HAZMAT, AIB, Medical Grade, GMP, and more depending on your needs. 

Have additional certifications needed?

Let us know and we will construct the right solution for your products.

The Stord team enabled us to implement a smart solution for our very complex supply chain. Their fast response time and agile approach was key. Without this option, we would have been forced to take on a long-term solution with unnecessary fixed costs.

David Limbird

Vice President, Supply Chain Strategy & Transformation

Why Warehouse in Dallas Texas?

2-day Coverage of 80% of US Population by Truck

Dallas Texas' major interstate highways allow for easy transport of goods to a majority of the US population within a 2-day period; whether traveling via Freight Transportation, Rail or Air Freight or shipping via parcel, your products are well positioned within 2-day delivery of nearly 80%+ of the population. Reach your end customers in a shortened delivery lead time.

Warehouse Near Dallas TX / Port of Houston

Dallas Texas is a central hub for freight volumes and warehousing storage due to its prominent location for optimal distribution across the across the United States. Dallas Texas has many warehouses for efficient drayage and transloading access to a top port in the US - the Port of Houston - which serves as the key Port for Dallas Texas and is serviced by major steamship cargo lines and freight forwarding companies importing to Dallas from Asia and other regions. 

Warehouse Near DFW for Air Cargo

DFW is one of the busiest cargo airports in the world, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) the 9th largest air-cargo hub in the USA. Whether your product needs to travel by plane, truck, or train, you can be certain that the resources are there in Dallas, Texas. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has been rapidly scaling its air cargo transport. With UPS, FedEx, Delta Cargo, DHL Express, and more in the area, you can be sure you'll have a provider for your air freight needs. 

Learn more about STORD's network of facilities and integrated software

Full Warehousing Services And More

Dallas Texas Warehousing & Fulfillment

With deep warehousing capabilities in Texas and across the US, you can be certain that you'll be able to take your logistics to the cloud and ship through our flexible, nationwide network of hundreds of warehouses and 15k+ carriers, or onboard your existing 3PLs. Never worry about competing distribution strategies, we'll optimize your distribution network to achieve true omnichannel distribution across our network.

Comprehensive Freight Network

FTL, LTL, drayage, parcel, last-mile delivery -- Stord coordinates the freight services you need to stock your network and reach your customers. Our team of supply chain transportation experts is TIA Member Performance Certified with a 99% on-time delivery rate. With our freight audit capabilities and our 100% guarantee to cover loads at our committed prices, you’re never surprised by unexpected charges.

Centralized Distribution Software

Gain real-time visibility over all your inventory regardless of where it is in your network with Stord’s cloud-based software, leaving behind the multitude of emails, spreadsheets and phone calls that impede data-drive decisions. With a single-point of integration, you never have to worry about transposing information between systems again.

Nationwide Network Optimization

Have network needs that require your products to be placed nationwide? Allow STORD's ML models to run analysis on your broader network and help ensure your product is placed in the right places for the best storage and transportation costs while exceeding your customer's delivery lead times. With Dallas Texas as part of STORD's nationwide network of hundreds of warehouses, your product can be located in all the places your customers need.

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STORD's Model - Networked Distribution

Traditional supply chain networks have been built to be one-to-many networks that are patched together utilizing manual processes and inefficient operational constraints. This strategy has compounded over time to create poor data visibility, inefficiencies, and overspend. 

STORD enables shippers to escape these inefficiencies and operational constraints to build sophisticated and scalable supply chains and distribution networks with STORD's global logistics network and software.

STORD is the leader in creating digitally connected, agile supply chains for today’s leading Manufacturers, Distributors, CPGs, E-commerce sellers, Retailers, and more; by leveraging STORD's state-of-the-art cloud software connected to a network of 500+ warehouses, 15,000+ carriers, and extended 3PL services, STORD helps companies like yours with:

  • Inventory visibility across the distributed supply chain
  • Normalized data leveraging ML for actionable insight across all your supply chain data
  • Flexible and permanent warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution
  • Forward stocking location strategy, facilities and delivery
  • Last mile, truckload, LTL and intermodal transportation
  • Data analysis and network design

By building an integrated network of logistics service providers powered by advanced, cloud-based technology, STORD is building the next phase of warehousing and distribution, Networked Distribution.

STORD's CEO, Sean Henry, and partner at Dynamo Ventures, Santosh Sankar, explain how Networked Distribution can help companies build more effective supply chains.

Get the Walk-through on Networked Distribution

What makes STORD's model special

You need a distribution network that accelerates your distribution capabilities, provides increased flexibility to respond to new markets and market changes, lowers your operational constraints, and provides you improved insights to make better decisions. STORD's integrated, technology-powered warehouses removes wasted inefficiencies, centralizes your insights, and scales with your business so you can cut fixed costs, improve delivery lead times, avoid stock-outs, and turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage. With our Dallas Texas warehouses and nationwide network, you can be sure that you have access to the optimal network for warehousing and distribution.

Nationwide Omni-channel Distribution

Store your inventory in a STORD Dallas warehouse as well as at distribution centers and fulfillment centers across the United States that allow you to scale to full omni-channel distribution across the country. Whether you're distributing to retailers, end-customers, consumers, or more, STORD's network of warehouses in Dallas Texas and across the country is purpose-built to enable companies with complex distribution requirements to excel. Shorten your transit times; remove inflexible, fixed costs; gain new insights; and turn your distribution network into a competitive advantage.

Oriented Around Your Success

Even with seamlessly automated integrations and a centralized, cloud-based system for managing your extended distribution network, it's always helpful to have additional support. STORD's supply chain and operations teams are available to assist across any part of your distribution network. Whether you have questions on where you should place your next warehouse or want to implement new processes at your Dallas fulfillment center facility, STORD's supply chain team can help you solve any challenges and keep your supply chain running smoothly.

Centralized Software for Distribution

Instead of logging-in to various warehouse management systems, order management systems, and more alongside your ERP or coordinating across email chains or phone calls, you can simply log-in to one system - STORD's cloud-based distribution-management system. From STORD's web system, you can manage your inventory, orders, shipments and more and gain insight into operational updates as well as high-level network insights.

Insights and Reporting

To operate across a distributed supply chain and complex distribution network, you need to be able to pull information from the systems you work with. Too often, pulling information from the distribution softwares you work with means manually going through scanned PDFs or getting snippets of the information in spreadsheets that your business intelligence team or supply chain analytics team needs to compile into a comprehensive picture, at which point it may be out-of-date. STORD's system standardizes the data across your distribution network and provides reports across your inventory movements, orders, and more.

Single Integration for Your Entire Distribution Network

The typical supply chain or distribution network contains 10s or even 100s of softwares that don't talk to each other, let alone the additional emails, text messages, phone calls, faxes, excel documents, pdfs, and more that exist in siloed email chains and communication platforms. STORD's software and integrative capabilities bring that to one location so that you simply utilize STORD's cloud-based software or integrate once from your OMS or ERP and get access to all of the information across your distribution network. You no longer have to worry about maintaining integrations to every logistics service provider in your network, individual warehousing facility, or ancillary systems; STORD is integrated across the network of providers and can layer in your network for visibility as needed.

ERP Integrations

Most supply chain "solutions" silo data outside your ERP system. STORD takes the opposite approach; STORD's system is purpose built for supply-chain and built with cutting-edge technologies and architectures to allow for integrations across all major ERP systems. Whether you're operating Netsuite, SAP, Infor, or an alternative, STORD integrates and can ensure that the information you work off of in your ERP matches what's happening across your distribution network. 

EDI, API, and more

Avoid months of prolonged, disjointed integration processes that so often end up getting delayed or extending over-schedule. With STORD, you work directly with our industry-leading integration team that can assist you in integrating to STORD's flexible software system in the integration method that is best for your system and IT requirements. STORD can handle EDI integrations, API integrations, flat-file integrations, automated workflows, and more.

Connect with a Supply Chain Expert on our team to solve your distribution needs

The Stord team enabled us to implement a smart solution for our very complex supply chain. Their fast response time and agile approach was key. Without this option, we would have been forced to take on a long-term solution with unnecessary fixed costs.

David Limbird

Vice President, Supply Chain Strategy & Transformation

Full-Service TX Warehousing


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