If freight operations are performing poorly, even the most well-designed warehousing network will be undermined. In this webinar, Stord CEO and co-founder Sean Henry and VP of Supply Chain Steve Swan discuss how Stord’s freight services and capabilities are designed to reduce overall supply chain cost while increasing customer satisfaction through faster delivery times and fewer shipment damages and errors.

You will learn: 

  1. How we maintain our 99% on-time delivery rate
  2. How we optimize our customer's freight networks for 5%+ savings
  3. How bundling warehousing and freight enables network-wide visibility and consistency
  4. 5 questions you should be asking right now to improve quality and reduce cost in your network
  5. How to become a shipper of choice with your carrier base

How to Make Freight Your Competitive Advantage 

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VP of Operations

Steve Swan

Sean Henry

Co-Founder and CEO

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